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How eStudent Insurance Works

April 3rd, 2019 by Ross

eStudent lets you find, compare and purchase insurance coverage for both students and non-students online. Our site has been developed from the ground up to be easy to use, and easy to purchase coverage right online. We have curated the best insurance plans for students and travelers, so you can search, view and compare all your options in one place.

Searching for Plans

To start the search process, you will need to head over to our homepage, where you will see the search tool front and center of the site:

You will then need to answer a few simple questions:

  1. Are you residing outside the USA currently? Yes or No
  2. What is your country of citizenship?
  3. What is your primary destination?
    • If you select the USA here, you will then need to select the State in the USA you will be traveling to.
  4. Coverage start date
  5. Coverage end date
  6. Date of Birth
  7. Are you a student? Yes or No

With that data entered into the tool, you will then need to hit “Get Quotes” and you will be taken to our comparison page:

Reviewing Plan Options

Once you have entered all your personal travel/study details into the tool, you will see the results page that will allow you to compare all the different options available to you. Each individual plan will look like this in the results page:

You can also click on the “View Benefit Summary” link on each plan to view further details about the plan:

Compare Plans

You then also have the option to compare plans side-by-side, and you do this by selecting the small compare check box on the plans that you want to compare:

and then hitting the big red compare button in the top right!

Filtering Results

You will probably want to refine your search results, as this is often the best way to get the options that fit into your specific needs. The filter options appear on the top right:

You have the option to filter by:

  1. Do you need coverage for dependents? Some plans offer coverage and many do not.
  2. Do you need maternity coverage?
  3. Do you have a pre-existing condition that you need coverage for, or does your school require you to have pre-existing condition coverage?
  4. Do you need coverage for any adventure or extreme sports?
  5. Do you need coverage for team sports?

You then have the option to adjust the plan options to filter out those plan options that do not suit your needs. You can filter by:

  • Medical Maximum Coverage
  • Deductible

Purchasing Coverage

Hopefully with all the filters and options, you are able to find the plan that fits your needs and once you are ready you can purchase coverage instantly online! We offer real-time confirmation, and you will receive your insurance details in your email.

Need Help?

If you need any help through the process, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team! They are on hand to provide advice, and can help you work out what plan option is best for you. We are available at:

Toll Free (877) 758-4941
Direct/Intl +1 (904) 758-4401
Fax +1 (904) 212-0412

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